Preschool teacher training

Training for pre-school teacher

Teacher Training for Pre- and Primary School Teachers models good practice strategies for engaging children in early literacy and numeracy. It aims to improve early educational outcomes by increasing the confidence and capacity of teachers. Most teachers have limited access to resources, struggle with large class sizes and have received a limited education themselves.

There is a shortage of trained and dedicated teachers and many use traditional methods of teaching in the classroom. Just as children learn through doing, the Alola Teacher Training Project works with teachers so they can learn though doing.


In collaboration with Preschool Department at the Ministry of Education, preschool teacher training was provided to in 50 Pre-School Teachers from each district in Timor-Leste.  Training focused on six units:

(1). Literacy for Young Children; (2). Classroom Management; (3). Games to Develop Gross Motor; (4). Activity Centre; (5). Art; (6). Professional Standard

45 Pre-school teachers completed ten units and were provided a Pre-school Teaching Certificate with recognition from Ministry of Education.



With the support from Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (formerly AusAID) and The Asia Foundation, 107 Primary School Teachers from each district were provided with 3 lots of 5 day training on Literacy, Numeracy and Art. The Ministry of Education's District Directors and school directors selected the teachers. Training engaged teachers to use the existing materials, including Alola literacy packs.

Following the training, monitoring visits were conducted to 17 Preschool and 29 Primary School Teachers in 9 districts (Lautem, Covalima, Bobonaro, Ermera, Aileu, Baucau, Manatuto, Liquisa and Dili).

This project has produced basic resources to support early literacy in pre-primary and primary schools throughout Timor-Leste, promoting reading and writing skills in young children and facilitating quality teaching processes.  These durable and quality resources were distributed to preschool and primary teachers who attended the training. The educational resources include 40 x flashcards with pictures, 5 children's books in Tetun, 10 x A2 posters featuring stimulus questions and 2 boxes of colored chalk.  Findings showed that 26 Primary School teachers used the materials provided and 3 did not as they not received the notifications by school directors.