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This vacancy is closed on 14th September 2017. >>> please wait until the next opportunity


No. FA/VG/Agosto2017.


The "Alola Foundation" is a non government organization, operating in Timor Leste to improve the lives of women and children. The organization seeks to nurture women leaders and advocate for the rights of women, our motto is "Strong Women, Strong Nation" and we have programs in Maternal & Child Health, Advocacy, Education and Economic Development. Alola Foundation is led by a Board of Management and currently moving towards a management team that is entirely Timorese led.

Currently we are looking for national (1) and international (1) qualified persons to fill the following positions;

Consultant - Monitoring and Evaluation and Research to provide support for development of Alola M&E Capacity, as well as support specific research activities that Alola Advocacy program is engaged in in 2017 and 2018. Tasks will include providing training and mentoring on M&E practice for (a) Advocacy Program staff (b) other senior staff in the organization with whom the Advocacy Program engages in integrated work approaches. The project will be contracted in two phases: Phase 1: August/Sept until December 2017 and Phase 2: Mid January to April 2018. Phase 1 will be more intensive than Phase 2.

Specifically, the consultant will develop a program plan and time line to undertake the following:

  1. Consult with the CEO and Senior Management Team about gaps in current M&E practice and scope of M&E training to be provided to ensure relevance to the context of the Alola Foundation
  2. Review the suite of M&E tools that have been previously prepared within the organization
  3. Consult with the Advocacy Program Manager about the specific M&E requirements of the WAVE program and assess the current status of capacity and tools. This may include input from the IWDA Program Manager Timor Leste if needed.
  4. Familiarise with the WAVE program and M&E requirements
  5. Draft M&E guidelines for the organization, including as they apply specifically to the Advocacy Program. These should: a). Align with other Alola policy and procedure documents; b). Be consistent across programs as much as possible; c). Enable Alola to meet contractual reporting requirements with existing donors as well as Alola's identified information management needs; d). Be appropriate to the context and to the resources available (including time, staff skills and knowledge, and funds)
  6. Establish a schedule for a series of trainings, including: a). Training for management and coordination staff within the Advocacy Program;
    b). Training for Advocacy Program field officers; c).Training for senior management staff (CEO and Program Managers).
  7. Deliver trainings (Field officers in conjunction with Advocacy Program senior staff to provide technical advice and oversight of FOs)
  8. Work with Advocacy Program staff to support the development of data collection, assessment and evaluation tools to meet the evaluation and reporting requirements of the WAVE program (and ensure that staff understand how these tools might be modified to meet the requirements of other funded programs)
  9. Assist staff to prepare for the WAVE mid-term review to take place in 2018
  10. Provide in-country support for the Timor-Leste component of the WAVE Longitudinal Study
  11. Support the Perceptions Research process by acting as the main contact point or de-facto coordinator for Alola engagement in design of methodology, development of research tools and implementation, including liaison with advisory group and with the research consultant(s) to be contracted directly by IWDA.
  12. At the conclusion of Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the consultancy, provide a report to Alola Foundation CEO, including recommendations for Alola (and if applicable donor partners including IWDA) moving forward.


Qualifications and other requirements

  • Formal tertiary qualifications (with relevance to M&E / organizational management and/or research)
  • Demonstrated experience developing M&E systems and tools for a non-profit organizational context
  • Demonstrated skill in designing and delivering experiential training and mentoring in a similar context
  • Experience in undertaking research and supporting research processes
  • Working proficiency in spoken and written Tetun and English
  • Current residency in Timor-Leste

Expression of Interest
Interested candidates should submit an Expression of Interest that includes:

  • Consultant(s) skills and experience as aligned with above-listed requirements
  • Proposed approach to the work
  • Proposed draft workplan including the number of hours/days to be worked over Phase 1 (2017) and Phase 2 (2018).
  • Proposed budget - to include all relevant consultant costs, including fees, communications cost etc, and be separated into Phase 1 and Phase 2 budget.
  • CV indicating qualifications, past experience with similar projects
  • Contact details for two referees (email and telephone numbers)
  • Applicants earliest available start date.

Expected Deliverables

  • Draft Alola M&E Guideline in Tetun language, including key indicators for the organization; delegations of M&E responsibilities and an indication of where these are documented; flow-diagrams or other way of illustrating M&E information flows; specific tools and guidelines for how to use them).
  • Support to Perceptions Research and Longitudinal Research activities under the WAVE program - specific tasks and workplan to be scheduled in consultation with Alola Advocacy Program Manager, IWDA Program Manager and research consultants.
  • Design and delivery of 3 x two-day training workshops with Alola staff in Dili (to be delivered in Tetun language).
  • Final reports Phase 1 and Phase 2 on the work carried out including training evaluations and recommendations for Alola continued strengthening of M&E.

Reporting and Working Relationships

  • The Consultant will report to and be accountable to the CEO, Alola Foundation and work closely day to day with the Advocacy Program Manager and particularly for research support with the IWDA Program Manager. The Consultant will work closely with other Alola team members as and when required.
  • Alola will provide the consultant with a dedicated desk space at Alola, but the consultant should provide their own computer.

Please submit your applications with curriculum vitae, a list of references and other relevant supporting documents (including academic qualifications) to Alola Foundation Office at Rua; Bispo de Madeiros, Mascarenhas-Dili, Timor-Leste or submit your applications by email

Applications close 5pm, on 14th September 2017.