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Alola Christmas Fair 2018



The Alola Christmas Fair  returns bigger and better on the ending of this November. Our Christmas Fair will be taking place on Saturday and Sunday 24 & 25th November between 9am-7pm. There will be a variety of stalls with a huge range of goods.

Alola Christmas Fair 2018 is a craft fair featuring more thans 60 weaver groups, it's the perfect place to find Christmas gifts for your friends and family!


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Latest Alola Fair Photo1


Alola Fair

The local product based on its importance is to give guarantee for women' status, dignity around community and society, because weavers play significant part in our nation's cultures. Fundasaun Alola facilitate women' group to find a market site for their product business, because market is significantly a barrier for women from rural area.

"Principal objective" is on how to create product that superior and important for our nation development and also to develop the potential resources of product that available in order to assist our nation development and also to improve community quality of life in the future", said Kirsty Sword Gusmão.

To give guarantee for women' economic status, Alola Foundation provides market place to destination products that produce by women, link producer group to the market through Alola Easter, Christmas Fair every year in Dili and as well as involve them in the government fair and link them to Alola Esperanca production center and shop. The Alola Fair participate by women from different districts to sell their local products based on their cultural area products (which means that the Tais are created based on their district style). Through these fair, the women expected to increase cash income to respond family demanded includes food, health, education fees, and cloths.

"I am very happy with this activity which was organized by Alola because this fair really promotes local products, the groups were coming from all the districts to sell their products which were produced by themselves and the income from these products will be used to celebrate the Easter and Christmas together with their families," said Ms. Florentina, one visitor of this fair.

According to Jose Ximenes, the manager for economic Empowerment (EcoEMP) programs, the Christmas and New Year's fair started in 2007 and since then it has been celebrated every year. But before the fair started, those groups that were interested to sell their products must participate first in the training on how to communicate with the consumers, how to calculate the prices of their own products, how to make a better quality product and how to do accounting on income and expenses.

The EcoEMP program works with vulnerable women to identify and develop economic opportunities through the establishment of groups and cooperatives. Alola supports these groups through skills development, micro-credit schemes, and provides practical support to sustain livelihoods.






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Tais Collection

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Alola Australia - Spring Newsletter 2018

By Alola Australia


Welcome to the Spring 2018 Alola Australia newsletter. Spring is a time of new beginnings and so we have a new format for our newsletter. We hope you enjoy reading more stories and seeing bigger photos. Let us know what you think. On that, we also have a new Alola newsletter letters column and would love to hear your thoughts on the stories we share in each edition. In this edition we have some terrific stories and photos from Alola's work in Timor-Leste and support from across Australia. Each story reflects the strong connections between people, organisations and nations and all that can be achieved when we recognise our shared experiences and aspirations; particularly when it comes to the enjoyment of basic human rights, access to quality education and the health of women and children.

To download or read online, click on the link below for the PDF version:

Alola Australia. Spring Newsletter.2018


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Media release  <Tetum>


Fundasaun Alola nu'udar organizasaun feto ho slogan "Feto Forte Nasaun Forte" durante tinan 10 resin organiza ona eventu nasionál ida nu'udar oportunidade ida ba feto soru nain sira nomos grupu artezanatu sira seluk hetan asesu ba merkadoria. Eventu ne'ebe ho naran "Feira Alola" hanesan ajenda regular ida husi programa Hakbiit Ekonomia Feto-Alola nian ne'ebe organiza tinan ida dala rua.

Diretora Ezekutiva Fundasaun Alola, Alzira Reis esplika katak eventu nasionál ne'e hanesan estratejia ida atu grupu artezanatu feto ka mane sira bele hetan asesu ba merkadu no ikus bele fo hetan rendimentu.

"Feira ida ne'e hanesan dala diak tebes ba grupu sira ne'e oinsa sira bele dezenvolve sira nia grupu ba oin", esplika Direitora Ezekutiva ne'e iha edifísiu Fundasaun Alola.

Alzira Reis mos mos hatutan katak Alola nu'udar organizasaun feto prontu nafatin organiza feira ne'e no nia mos husu mos ba grupu sira ne'ebe partisipa atu bele utiliza rendimentu ne'ebe sira hetan hodi suporta labarik sira asesu ba eskola.

Iha 2017, maizemenus grupu produtór 50 mak partisipa iha Feira Alola iha Dili hodi faan sira nia produtu hanesan tais, estatua-ai, pasta no boneka, sanan-rai, asesories feto nian, mina-nu'u virgin, sabaun, ai‐han lokál no produtu sira seluk. Totál rendimentu ne'ebé hetan hosi feira ne'ebe organiza iha tinan 2017 hamutuk USD$ 20,000.00.

Ba tinan 2018, ekipa Alola kontinua realiza Feira Alola nu'udar estratéjia ida atu haforsa partisipasaun feto iha ekonomia, hadia estatutu feto iha negósiu ki'ik no promove ekonomia independensia ba feto. Husi etapa primeiru ba Feira Alola realiza iha fulan Jullu liu-ba nu'udar parte integradu husi Aniversariu Fundasaun Alola ba dala 17. Husi feira ne'e, grupu produtór hamutuk 60 resin ne'ebe partisipa bele halibur rendimentu ho total 11.000 dollar Americano.

"Rendimentu ne'ebe hetan husi feira ida ne'e diak liu kompara Feira Natal ne'ebe realiza iha fulan Dezembru 2017 liu ba", Informa Jerente Alola ba Programa Hakbiit Ekonomia, Jose Ximenes.

Tama ba tempo Natal nian, Fundasaun Alola hahu prepara hodi bele organiza Feira Natal Alola nian ne'ebe tuir plano sei realiza iha loron Sabadu no Domingu (24 & 25 Novembru). Jose Ximenes esplika katak feira natal iha tinan ida ne'e sei lori hamutuk grupu artezanatu hamutuk 60 resin husi munisípiu 12 nomos REAO ne'ebe sei hatudu sira nia produtu no faan ba públiku.

"Grupu produtór 60 resin sei partisipa iha feira ne'e faan produtu lokal ne'ebe furak no uniku hanesan - tais ho kor natural, homan, keramik, estátua, assesories, aimoruk lokal, hahan lokal, mina nuu, livru pintura, vanili lokal no buat barak tan, ida ne'e hanesan fatin perfeitu liu atu sosa prezente Natal ba kolega sira", hateten Jose Ximenes iha edifísiu Fundasaun Alola.

Hanesan Jerente Alola ba programa Hakbiit Ekonomia Feto, nia mos informa katak ema barak sei vizita Feira Natal ida ne'e hanesan ema kolektor sira, negósiante ba sasan artezanatu, galeria nain, estudante, turista no publiku.

"Visitante ou sosa nain sira gosta liu ba produtu lokal ne'ebe produz ho liman tanba produtu sira nia iha valor kultural nomos nu'udar produtu uniku Timor nian", reforsa jerente ne'e.

Mercadoria hanesan barreira ida ba feto produtor artezanato sira. Kontribuisaun signifikativu husi Alola liu husi atividade feira hanesan meius ida hodi garantia feto produtor sira iha asesu ba mercadoria no ikus bele fo impaktu direta ba sira nia familia no komunidade.Tinan 11 intervensaun Alola liu husi feira hatudu ona impaktu positivu ba grupu sira, laos deit hadia kualidade produtu maibe mos hadia kualidade moris feto soru nain sira.

"Mai ita vizita Feira Alola hodi hetan produtu lokál ne'ebé furak husi ita-nia produtór tais no grupu artezanatu sira seluk, Bainhira ita fó apoiu ba negósiu lokál, ita mos fó apoiu ba komunidade no prezerva ita-nia patrimóniu lokal" komentária Cristina Freitas, vizitante Alola Feira.

Dezenvolvimentu artezanatu atu hadia feto sira-nia ekonomia no preserva identidade kulturál hanesan parte importante ida husi serbisu Fundasaun Alola hodi hakbi'it ekonómiku feto nian. Kolabora hamutuk ho governu no doadór oin-oin, Alola organiza formasaun oi-oin ba kapasita feto sira atu bele atinji meta ne'ebe iha mak atu haforsa partisipasaun feto iha ekonomia, hadia statutu feto iha negósiu ki'ik no promove ekonomia independesia ba feto.

"Ema hotu iha dever hodi tau matan ba ezistensia kultural ita nian, vizita no sosa produtu iha Feira Natal Alola hanesan alternativu ida hodi hamoris nafatin atividade grupu produtor tais no haforte fundasaun ba industria kriatividade iha ita nia rai", hateten Jose Ximenes, Jerente Alola ba programa Hakbiit Ekonomia.


Atu bele hetan informasaun klean liu tan ba asuntu ne'e, halo-favór kontakto:

Sr. Jose Ximenes
Jerente Alola ba Programa Hakbiit Ekonomia
Telfon : (+670) 77275087
Email :


Sr. Fransiskus X.S
Koordinador ba Media

Email :

Website :
Facebook : fundasaun.alola
Twitter : alolafoundation
Instagram : alolafoundation


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