The “Alola Foundation” is a non government organization, operating in Timor Leste to improve the lives of women and children.  The organization seeks to nurture women leaders and advocate for the rights of women, our motto is “Strong Women, Strong Nation” and we have programs in Maternal & Child Health, Advocacy, Education and Economic Development. Alola Foundation is led by a Board of Management and currently moving towards a management team that is entirely Timorese led.

Currently we are looking for national qualified person with international experience to fill the following positions as:


For a copy of the Term of Reference, please email to  Human Resources Coordinator:

Please submit your applications with curriculum vitae, a list of references and other relevant supporting documents (including academic qualifications) to Alola Foundation Office at Avenida Bispo de Medeiros, Mascarenhas-Dili, Timor-Leste

Applications close 5pm 23th September 2019.


Fundasaun Alola (FA) was created to raise awareness of the widespread sexual violence against women and girls in Timor-Leste during the militia attacks of September1999 and formed in 2001 by Kirsty Sword Gusmao, than first lady of East Timor.

Fundasaun Alola Is working with community groups and individuals, we currently fund programs to improve maternal and child health, create employment, promote women’s human rights, strengthen community development and improve the status of women across the country. All the program of Fundasaun Alola is work closely with the ministries and work in line with national priorities, Millennium Development Goals and international convention ratified by Timor-Leste.

The current 2015-2019 Strategic Plan is a third strategic plan that has been took place in 20014 and involved by board members, NGOs, government, and donor as members and became operational in early 2015. After one year of implementation,the Fundasaun Alola  reviewed its strategic plan based on the needs and response to the current situation which was provided a greater focus on the work of the community. Presently, it is in progress of final year implementation. In order to shape the direction of the future long term works, Fundasaun Alola is going to develop its next term of its strategic plan for 2020-2014.

The purpose of this consultancy is to develop Fundasaun Alola strategic plan 2020-2024 in line with the mission and mandate of the Fundasaun Alola. The strategic plan should provide realistic and practical goals, objectives, and strategy to structure the Fundasaun Alola work with interactive participatory methodologies involving members of the key members from government, key stakeholders, donors, child advocate network, women’s network.

Shortlist candidate only will be contacted to interview process.