To improve sustainable women economic, Alola Foundation provides market place to destination products that produce by women, link producer group to the market through Alola Easter, Christmas Fair every year in Dili and as well as involve them in the government fair and link them to Alola Esperanca production center and shop. Alola Fair as market place for artisan women to promote and showcase local products to customer and direct interact between artisan and buyer.

Alola Fair were benefit to 1,080 handicraft and micro credit producer groups from 13 districts. producer group members from districts across the country and almost thousand visitors were visit the booths.

This manner is ways to promote local products to the public in order attracts customers to visit their booths and get products. Through these fair, the women expected to increase cash income to respond family demanded includes food, health, education fees, and cloths.

Apart from that, Alola’s Economic Empowerment program, on 2018, Alola hosted two market events i.e. Mid-Fair and Christmas fair for two days at Alola’s office. The initiatives had been gather all artisans from municipalities to sell their local products, and provide a place to promote local products to buyers both local and internationally. The products showcased were varied such as tais, scarves, ceramic, dolls, wood carvings, recycled plastic products, women’s accessories, local soap, virgin coconut oil, traditional herbs, local coffee and food.

These fair had been accommodate 90 artisans groups and nearly 1,300 visitor and buyers took part in the events. As a result, the visitor’s awareness on cultural identity had increased and artisans group income approximately $22,000.00.

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“Principal objective” is on how to create product that superior and important for our nation development and also to develop the potential resources of product that available in order to assist our nation development and also to improve community quality of life in the future”,
Kirsty Sword Gusmao
Founder of Alola Foundation