Preserving and Promoting Handicraft Products

In 2018, Alola’s Economic Empowerment Program continued to provide capacity building and market opportunities for women artisans in Timor-Leste.

The project increased income for women artisans and at the same time promoted Timorese cultural identity. Activities successfully implemented  in 2018 provided training on improving quality products, especially the use of natural colors in traditional fabrics, product diversification training, and basic marketing education to 21 participants (F:19 and M:2).

Apart from that, Alola’s Economic Empowerment program hosted two market events i.e. Mid-Fair and Christmas fair for two days at Alola’s office. The initiatives had been   gather all artisans from municipalities to sell their local products, and provide a place to promote local products to buyers both local and internationally. The products showcased were varied such as tais, scarves, ceramic, dolls, wood carvings, recycled plastic products, women’s accessories, local soap, virgin coconut oil, traditional herbs, local coffee and food.

These fair had been accommodate 90 artisans groups and nearly 1,300 visitor and buyers took part in the events. As a result, the visitor’s awareness on cultural identity had increased and artisans group income approximately $22,000.00.

This project was supported by Rotary Club of Kew and the Thailand Embassy of Timor-Leste.