Empowering Women in Timor-Leste

Fundasaun Alola is a not for profit non government organization operating in Timor Leste to improve the lives of women and children. Founded in 2001 by Former First Lady, Ms Kirsty Sword Gusmao, the organization seeks to nurture women leaders and advocate for the rights of women.

Fundasaun Alola was originally created to raise awareness of the widespread sexual violence against women and girls in Timor-Leste during the militia attacks of September 1999. Though this is still a key issue for Fundasaun Alola, today we also provide a wide range of vitally important support programs for the women and children of Timor-Leste.

Working with community groups and individuals, our programs aim to improve maternal and child health, create employment, promote human rights, strengthen community development, and improve the status of women. Now employing over 100 staff, Alola is committed to developing strong women who will be the leaders of the future in Timor-Leste. All Alola programs support the Government of Timor-Leste to achieve the National Development Goals.


Our theme is "Feto Forte Nasaun Forte - Strong Women Strong Nation"


(Access, participation, role in decision making, enjoyment of benefits) THROUGH EDUCATION, ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT  HEALTH AND COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP


To Promote Women’s Rights And Increase Women’s Leadership Capacity, Improve Health Status Of Women And Children, Increase Access & Quality Of Education For Women And Children, Strengthen Women’s Small Enterprise At The Grassroots Level.

Alola Foundation is committed to supporting career development for women, and offers a range of professional growth opportunities to its staff. Alola is also committed to supporting motherhood and creating a comfortable work environment. We provide 3-month paid maternity leave and encourage staff to bring their newborns to work for exclusive breastfeeding. We provide onsite childcare for our employees’ children under the age of five.