In 2018, scholarship project continued its support in providing opportunity for girls to accesses to school from primary to university level. The projects has targeting to young people from remote areas, single-parent or orphaned families, gender based violence survivors and children from large families. Overall, within 2018 there were 240 students (152 F, 88 M) from primary school to university that benefitted from scholarships.

Australian Government- Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade/DFAT has been support Scholarship project starting from 2010 – 2013   with the total secondary student 208 and scholarship recipients itself call “Girls Awards”. In 2013, there were continuation of support to student that graduated from high school to university about 52 person.  As a result of the girls award scholarship, there were 22 had graduated, 19 in drafting their thesis and 10 were   dropout. The factor contributed to the drop out were married and lack of support from husband and parents 90 % and 10% are without notice.

Apart from the DFAT support, there were several donor that has been allocated their support to students from primary to university includes Bendigo Maubesse Friendship Committee with the total student 118, Blue Mountain East Timor Sisters and Blue Mountain Together for Timor covered 23 students, Friends of Lacluta support 10 University student, Indigo Shire Atauro Island Friendship Committee support 6 Uni students and other individual donor that has been committed to support in increasing number of women accessing in school.

In 2018, from the total students of 240 who received scholarship support, 17 students (M: 2, F: 15) finally graduated from the different universities in Dili.

In addition, the scholarship awardees had increased their skill on the workplace readiness skill. The topic training includes preparing job application, write a resume and successfully complete a job interview. Moreover, their public speaking is increased and self-confident in communication and presentations in small and wider group. The training had been participated by 25 student from girl’s award.

”Fundasaun Alola has inspired and support me through scholarship, its advice, training and pastoral care to carry out my duties as a student and taught me to be stronger.”
Silvina Guterres,
Graduate of UNTL