The Women’s Resource Centre has provided a space for youth, teachers and the general community to increase their knowledge and capacity of prevention and protection against violence and discrimination. Attendance records show that in total 2542 people (F: 1624 & M: 922) accessed the women Resources Center. Based on the result of pre test show that 40 percent of participants had an understanding of gender based violence and protection, but after discussion, the post-test shows 90 percent from the total increased their skills and understanding of prevention and protection against gender-based violence. In addition, approximately 80 percent of 60 people increased their skills and understanding about how to prevent of harm from drugs, alcohol and infections.

The Advocacy Program developed a submission of the 2018 State budget of 2018 in health and education sectors with the Gender-Sensitive Budget Working Group, and produced monitoring guidelines on CEDAW shadow reports to be implementing in 2019.

The Advocacy Program was also involved in the municipal Women’s Conference as facilitator for issues of Human Trafficking and the Economy in eight municipalities. Furtheremore, advocate to the women and children issues during the year includes infanticide /   abandoned babies and incest to the relevant institutions includes: President of Dili District Administrator, Six Sub District Administrator included the 32 village councils and to the National Parliament to collaborate in ensuringthe policies and the laws that protected victims. As a result of the advocacy, the pact of collaboration had signed to strengthening the role of members of village council on law 9/2016 to prevent and protect the cases of infanticide and incest.

The Advocacy Program was also able to supported and refered a total of 48 victims of gender based violence and 44 victims has been access  to legal justice, shelter, counselling and humanitarian package from Fundasaun Alola and Ministry of Social Solidarity and Inclusion.

Elsa da Graca, a young women from Manatuto municipality participated in the Women's Resource Centre project in 2007. After the project ended Elsa continued access the Rescource Centre library, computers and internet, and also the monthly discussions on a range of issues. In 2017, Elsa was among 25 young women from Dili, Liquisa and Manatuto who were trained and given technical support through the Women’s Resource Centre project stablished a group of Movimentu Foinsae Komunidade (Community Youth Movements) in Dili. As a result of the movement building, Elsa has provided training for students and communities in her municipality and in Dili. During 2018, Elsa was able to support two cases (incest and sexual violence) to the police Vulnerable Persons Unit and local police in Manatuto municipality.
Elsa da Graca