Alola’s Mobile Library is designed to allow children access to the books and to develop a culture of reading with communities’ involvement. Our Mobile Library operated through visiting children in remote communities to provide access to reading and other educational activities in the afternoon (after school hours). During 2018, the new initiative on integration has been applied to mobile library and Professional Learning and Mentoring Project with the objective to enhance children ability to reading trough access to reading materials and increase the knowledge of the children on the topics of books that access by them. 

In 2018, mobile library team had visited 20 primary schools across Liquica, Bobonaro, Manatuto and Aileu with the total students visited to mobile library being 1,635 (Boys: 851, Girls: 784). These children were the students from the targeted schools of Professional Learning and Mentoring Program.  Moreover, the mobile library project has been expanded the reading program activities undertaken in the 13 targeted schools and 13 community center in Manatuto. The Alola Mobile Library project has visited the schools and reading centers every two weeks and books were handed to the centers and accessed by children with assistance of peer and parent tutors. Most sessions were delivered by trained parent and peer tutors as per their timetable (2-3 days after school hours). 37% sessions were conducted by Alola team and 63% sessions were conducted by parent and peer tutors with Alola’s support and supervision.

During the session one of the child in Manatuto states that

“After I finished my class and helped my parents at home I come to see my friends and read the books together which makes me happy and it is lovely to read with my older friends. My parents also read books to me at home and help me to do my homework.” Said a child in Manatuto.

Moreover, the tutor from Manatuto confirmed her commitment said

“I love to support my younger friends at grade 1-3 in reading because I want them to be smart and I can read and know more books. In the future I want to become a teacher. “