Increase Business Opportunity for Vulnerable Women

The project has been contributed for improvement of vulnerable women’s skills to develop their own lives in the municipalities of Aileu and Manufahi.

These two municipalities were identified based on recommendations from local leaders and local government because it has highest risks to cases of  domestic violence and young women widowed or abandoned who were registered in the Ministry (MSSI). Therefore, the two municipalities were chosen as the priorities in response to immediate gender and social inclusion issues in the municipality.

The activities carried out included training on gender based violence and in business and financial management for women’s groups.  In Aileu municipality, the activities were held in Remixiu-Fadabloco village and in Manufahi, the activities were held in Same-Betanu village. The project had a direct impact for 40 women and estimated 280 indirect beneficiaries.

In addition, the reflection meeting has been conducted as part of evaluation together with target group in shared micro lending activities, and shared their successes and challenges experienced. The reflection meeting was held successfully in Dili and participated by 27 women from 15 saving and loans groups, from 11 municipalities. During the reflection meeting, it shows that 80 % from 15 groups were success in manage micro lending activities  in 2018, and   the other  three groups learned  inspiration and lessons from the successful group’s experience, and were determined to continue.

This project was supported by the Ministry of Social Solidarity and Inclusion (MSSI).