The Alola Teacher Training project continued its intervention to improve the teaching ability. In 2018, Alola has developed reading program manual which will be used by teacher from grade one and two. Beforehand, there were several consultation held with  National Teacher Training team at Instituto Nacional de Formação de Docentes e Professionais da Educação (INFORDEPE).   The manual itself was composed 6 types of reading including Read Aloud, Shared reading, Guided Reading, Buddy Reading, Independent Reading and Choral Reading. The reading manual is called “Matadalan Lee” and its officially approved on 8th of September by the President of INFORDEPE and proceeded to printing.

In using the reading manual Alola Teachers Training team had delivered sessions of Training of Trainers (ToT) to numbers of trainers from INFORDEPE and PHD about 9 people. Moreover, the manual had been introduced to 11 PLMP accompanier from Vikeke, Baucau and Manufahi and it has been trialled at two Basic Central Schools in Manufahi with its filial schools. As a continuation, the Alola team together with PLMP team PHD team and INFORDEPE team were able delivered reading program   cover 68% of the PLMP targeted schools of phase four. There were 151 (M: 88, F: 63) grade 1-6 teachers in 13 Central Basic Education Schools or EBC in Baucau, Manufahi and Viqueque who attended the reading program. Moreover, there were 36 (M: 31, F: 5) school leaders in 13 EBC in Baucau, Manufahi and Vikeke who also took part in the reading program.

Another project achievement was administered funds for the five accompaniers of phase 4 in Manufahi and sustainability phase in Bobonaro. It has been contributed to the improvements students’ achievement and learning by building the capacity of teachers/leaders to support the new curriculum and pedagogy in refer municipality.