“"Women in Timor-Leste have a death risk 8 times greater than women in Australia after being diagnosed with cancer. This is not only due to lack of choice for care and access to health facilities in Timor-Leste, but also lack of education about the importance of early detection and intervention fast medical. I am proud of the work that HALIKU runs for a cancer awareness program for women through the Alola Foundation, "”


““Your Life Is Only Worthy If You Can Give A Hand To Others In Need...Haliku Is A Hope For Many Women !!!”


HALIKU or “Hau Hili Atu Kura” which means “I choose to be healed”, has done great activities with the objective to raise awareness about women’s cancer by informing the community about risk factors, signs and symptoms.  Socialization focused on sensitizing women and youths not to be embarrassed or afraid to come to a health facility for treatment.  

The HALIKU team also educated its beneficiaries about conducting regular self-examinations for the early detection of breast cancer and about signs of cervical cancer through:  raising awareness for community members in villgaes, mini workshop for students in from pre-secondary school, mini workshop for womens soldiers, mini workshop for church, mini workshop for men and parents as well as for Mother Support Groups

Early in 2019 the HALIKU team and Dr Alito Soares, the President of Breast Cancer Committee of Timor-Leste, presented mini-workshops at two Universities in Dili to raise student’s awareness about women’s cancers. In the meaning time, the team been invited by WHO Timor-Leste to presented to Health Science students from universities including representative of the staff from UN Agencies in Dili on International Women’s Day celebration hold at Hotel Timor. The HALIKU team also conducted socializations for rural youth in 3 villages in Aileu municipality, and for women in religious orders.

In addition, HALIKU team feel privilege as the team being trusted by Ms. Cidalia Nobre Guterres, the First Lady of RDTL, who showed her support for raising awareness about breast cancer during 2019.  She invited the HALIKU team and Dr Soares to join her at events with rural women in Gleno, and events at five administrative posts in Dili with youths, parents and local authorities.  After the event at the PNTL Police Academy in Dili, the Commander of Police said he was grateful for this information, because it was important for women officers to understand, and men officers to know about breast cancer for their families. HALIKU also continued to disseminate information through Community Radio, TV, brochures, and pamphlets to participants to increase their knowledge about women’s cancer and prevention. Thus in 2019 there were 1, 555 participants attended raising awareness and socialization sessions.


HALIKU (Hau Hili Atu Kura) which means “I choose to be healty” was founded on the inspiration of three cancer survivors including Ms Kirsty Sword Gusmao, founder of the Alola Foundation.
In 2014, this Women’s Cancer program was officially launched at the First Women’s Cancer Conference in Timor-Leste which involved around 800 people including ministries, national and international institutions, students including the media. As the only public awareness or early detection program in the Timor-Leste, the HALIKU program plays a vital role in helping to improve breast cancer mortality rates within Timor-Leste.

HALIKU’s objective is to increase women’s understanding on prevention, early detection and treatment of breast cancer. HALIKU educates people on symptoms of cancer and contributing factors, promotes importance of regular breast self-examinations and attending health facilities as soon as symptoms of cancer are identified. HALIKU also targets media for raising awareness campaigns through community radio and newsletters, and distribution of brochures and pamphlets.

What We Do

The HALIKU team provided direct support to women for referrals to HNGV, support for biopsy, and provide wig, mastectomy bra, arm sleeve, as well as support for transport and purchase prescribed medicine when the medicine is out of stock. Thus from 2015 till 2019, HALIKU had referred 125 patients to HNGV including supported 18 patients for transport, 13 patients for biopsy and 6 patients provided with mastectomy bra and breast prosthesis including purchase prescribed medicines.  

HALIKU uses various methods to campaign about the importance of self-examination as an effort to detect cancer early, starting from mini workshops, leaflet distribution, conferences, radio – tv talk shows, exhibitions, community discussions and many others. This is done to raise awareness in all levels of society starting from students, housewives, government officials, police and armed forces, young activists, including religious leaders both at local and national levels.

Training for health workers: In September 2019, Alola’s HALIKU organised four days of training for 50 (F:37 and M:13) health workers (midwives, Nurses and general practitioner) from HNGV, Community Health Centres and private health clinics in Dili which took place at HNGV training room. This activity was divided into three phases – Wound Management, Clinical Breast Examination and Being Breast Aware. This activity was facilitated by six trainers from Australia and Malaysia representing McGrath Foundation Australia and Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia with financing from ABC Global Alliance.

Training for Breast Cancer survivors and HALIKU Volunteers: Subsequent to the health worker’s training at HNGV, the team of Breast Cancer Welfare Asociation Malaysia continue to hold a two days training on “Psychosocial Support to Breast Cancer Patients” for breast cancer survivors and HALIKU volunteers at Fundasaun Alola training room. Total 23 (all women) participants attended the training and the training was focused on increasing participants knowledge on breast cancer and preventions including how to offering a psychosocial support to breast cancer patients through counseling at home and at health facility.  

World Cancer Day is an international day set on February 4 to raise awareness about cancer and encourage its prevention, detection and treatment. World Cancer Day is led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to support the objectives of the World Cancer Declaration, written in 2008.
The main objective of World Cancer Day is to significantly reduce diseases and deaths caused by cancer and it is an opportunity to bring the international community together to end the injustice of avoidable cancer suffering. The day is celebrated by the United Nations.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) is a worldwide annual health campaign taking place in October that highlight the importance of breast awareness, educate people about the importance of early screening, test and research. This campaign organized by major breast cancer charities and involving thousands of organisations starts on October 1 and ends on October 31 every year.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is as much about raising funds for breast cancer research and support, as it is about raising awareness. The supporters will be donning their pink ribbons as a show of support for ongoing research for a cure.

HALIKU fundraising: Mr. Xanana Gusmao’s 73rd birthday was celebrated in Dili in June 20th 2019 at El Legendario and was also a fundraising event for HALIKU. Alola’s MCH team, with support from Mr. Xanana Gusmao, organized an auction and invited companies and the private sector to participate. The auction was led directly by His Excellency Mr. Xanana raised funds of USD 128.338.30 to support HALIKU activities and to continue its mission in raising awareness and support vulnerable patients of women’s cancer in the country.

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