HALIKU or “Hau Hili Atu Kura” which means “I choose to be healed”, has done great activities with the objective to inform people on the symptoms of cancer and contributing factors. The HALIKU team also educated its beneficiaries about conducting regular self-examinations for the early detection of breast cancer and about signs of cervical cancer through:  raising awareness for community members in villgaes, mini workshop for students in from pre-secondary school, mini workshop for womens soldiers, mini workshop for church, mini workshop for men and parents as well as for Mother Support Groups. As a regular activity the HALIKU awareness raising  program has been done alongside the MSG/SHIO health promotion activities within community in 12 villages across three  municipalities.

From January till December, raising awareness campign in 16 villages of 3 municipalities attended by 510 people, mini workshop for parents in 12 villages in two municipalities attended by 283 people, mini workshop for men in 12 villages attended by 243 people, mini workshop for senior and junior high school in Dili attended by 88 students, mini workshop for youth attended by 129 youth, mini workshop for Christian Church attended by 47 people and workshop for women’s soldier of F-FDTL attended by 200 people, raising awareness during women’s day celebration attended by 52 people and mini workshop for Mother Support Groups in Turiscai village attended by 76 members.

One of the main activities has been to support cancer patients for treatment. In 2018 HALIKU supported transport and biopsies for 3 patients, support medication for a patient and referred 22 patients to Dili National Hospital. There have been 111 referrals in total since the HALIKU program was established in 2014. In addition, HALIKU had requested by the National Hospital to support reagent for histology Laboratory to support women’s cancer patient’s Lab examination.  

In late August from 3rd – 5th, , Alola’s HALIKU team together with a team from Dili Hospital was invited to participate in the 3rd Annual Souh East Asia Breast Cancer Symposium hold in Kuching – Malaysia. During the symposium the team which composed from MCH program manager, HALIKU Coordinator, a surgeon and a nurse from National Hospital had learnt a lot on how to better support breast cancer patients including advocacy on patient’s voice.  Learning from that, in October 2018, the HALIKU had also been invited to attend Union International for Cancer Control (UICC) – World Congress hold in Kuala – Lumpur, Malaysia. The congresss was hold from October 1st – 4th which taken place at Malaysia Convention Center. There were two people represent Alola to the congress which is MCH program Manager and the Chair Women of Alola Foundation as a founder and breast cancer survivor of HALIKU program. Apart from attending the meetings, the team had also meet several partners to negotiate the possibility of collaboration to support HALIKU program. .