The success story of village chief Bamatac, municipality of Manatuto

Mrs. Olinda Pereira is village chief in Funar suku, Laculubar Administrative Post, Manatuto municipality.  She began to engage in political life in 2005. In 2016 the community in the village of Bamatac elected her as village chief. She points out that participating in political life for such a long time is not easy for a woman. She says although it was difficult, it was her dream to change herselves and her fellow women and children lifes.

 “I have my own initiative to participate in the various programs established by Rede Feto and Fundasaun Alola. Engaging in these activities motivated me to participate in more effective development processes in the village. I also wanted to improve my skills and personal capacity in various activities because of my dream that one day I could also be a leader. That dream became a reality in 2016 and I have made significant changes that I have at this moment:

  • Advocated to Minstry of Education, for students at the primary school in without school uniforms Funar village, and now we have a process so the students can get uniforms.
  • Incresased community awareness about the importance of education so parents will send their children to school.
  • Conducted meeting with the community to know their children should not marry early but they must send their children to school.