Alzira Reis

One of longest position that I have been working with is as a CEO of Alola Foundation within six years. The fundamental reason that motivated myself is driven by the mission of the organization which focusing to improve women’s and children’s life in Timor-Leste.


During my involvement I noted that there were several contributions that have been made by the organization included thousands of students getting scholarship support and graduated, maternal and child mortality has decline, laws and policies within the country has gender  sensitive and in favor to women and children, and the organization profile is recognized at national and international level.  I am proud and appreciate of those who have found this organization and those continue support the mission till now.


In 2018, the organization has been allocated a number of interventions, therefore I am pleased to   present the annual report of 2018 include narrative and finance for all partners, donors and supporters of the Foundation.  Following are the outline result achieved during the year.


The integration approach had been launched in Turiscai , villages of Caimauc and Manumera with the main objective to improve the nutritional status of children. As part of the initiate initiative, two of community groups called Village Love Mother and Babies have been established which will be as key target group   to improve nutrition of children, increasing women’s skill on decision making at the community and household level, reducing domestic violence through raising awareness, increasing income generating in household level. Those integrated interventions will enable its member of group and stakeholders to contribute for the improvement of nutritional status of children and mothers.  I believe that this intervention will bring positive change of the lives of women and children in two villages referred.


Apart from that, the world breastfeeding week has been commemorated with the theme Breastfeeding: Foundation of Life. In commemoration of that Alola has been represented in the several talk show to promote exclusive breastfeeding and Promote the importance of maternal and child health, partnering with the Ministry of health, UNICEF and the Parliament Committee F. In addition, an interesting opportunity for presented on the importance of education and the Alola Foundation’s role to improve the quality of education in Timor-Leste with chairwomen of Alola Foundation Ms. Kirsty Sword Gusmão trough TV talks show.  


Strengthen the involvement in the community groups are essential, accordingly to that four of Village Loves Mother and Babies had established in Aileu and Ainaro. Apart from that, continuing providing its services including counseling at health facilities, SISca and communities by Alola staff and members of the community group. As a result,  there were  13,519  people consist of pregnant mothers, Lactating mothers, parents, community leaders, young men and women in  57  village of seven  municipality has  benefited from activities of  counseling , training and the referral services. Additionally, the Birth Preparedness Plan-BPP has expanded to 10 villages in Baguia Sub Administrative, Baucau municipality. During the year it has supported 77% of pregnant mothers from 203 had safe deliveries.  BPP projects in OE-cusse succeeded in increasing the number of deliveries in health facilities and mother deliveries supported by skilled birth attendance. One of the success case is, in 2016-2017 there were no deliveries at three health posts including Malelat, Bebo and Nibin but after the intervention there were 16 mother deliveries in referred health posts.


The example of another outcome of this year was advocacy with partners to reject the amendment of Decree-Law on the National Curriculum for preschool and basic education which ultimately not approved and gender responsive budgeting toward estate budget had been submitted to parliament. Moreover, because of the training and discussion that has been delivered, it has increased consciousness of participant from 40% to 90% out of 2,542 people consist of young people and community member. Furthermore, as a result of citizenship forum that conducted in 24 village from 12 municipality shows that 80% of the problems identified have been addressed by the institutions and local government properly. An example, previously village of Manelobas there is lack of transportation to transport pregnant mother and patient to health post. Due to the advocacy in local level the government has been allocated ambulance to referred village.


It has delighted to describe that the education programs are able to establish 10 more community pre-schools and subsequently continuing putting effort to strengthen 133 community pre-schools in Ermera and Viqueque. The Pre-school has able to accommodate children with total 3,036 people and from that total there were 874 have graduated and continue to primary school. Moreover, scholarships support in 2018 had offered to students from primary to University level about 240 people and 17 were graduated from University. One more result was contributed to the improvement on the education quality of primary school it has launched the reading manual called “Matadalan Lee” which will be used by the teacher trainers. Apart from, that there was 20 primary schools had been visited and around 1,635 students participated. The intervention has been able increased percentage of reading child’s reading ability of 15%.


Women’s economic empowerment continues providing spaces for weaver and artisans through Christmas and Alola fair to get more income. These fair had taken part by 90 artisan and visitor/buyer nearly 1,300 and earn a total of approximately $22,000. Research report from the UN  Women shows that the number weaver has decrease  from 13,810 in 2010 to 4,965 2015 thus Alola with partners including Timor Aid and UN Women  working together to advocate for the protection and preservation of the artisan products focusing to TAIS.


On the other hand, the evaluation of micro credit project shows that from 18 groups were supported by Alola 15 success and three failed. The reflection workshop had enabled the groups to learn from each other to improve their business.


The details of the achievements made during the year are presented in this report.

I would like to thanks to all donor, stakeholders, and friends of Alola that had been contributed for the development of Alola and its achievement.

My special thanks goes to entire board member, particularly mana Kirsty for its bit of support to my carrier.  I appreciate every staff of Alola that has been working together hand on hand working for the advancement of the one that most needed our support.

Our work is effective only when we are working together to achieve the objectives and goals we share.                   




Alzira Reis

CEO Fundasaun Alola