In support of the new born care, on March 2006, Alola Foundation officially launched the Maternity Pack project with aims to encourage women to give birth with a trained health worker at health facilities and/or with skilled birth attendant at home thus help reduce the high mortality rates for Timor-Leste’s mothers and their babies. 

The first woman who received this maternity pack was Filomena da Costa, when giving birth for the first time at a national hospital, Dili, Timor-Leste 

In 2006,  Alola recruited staff at the Taibessi sewing center to produce the packs. Maternity packs are distributed monthly as requested by hospitals. Fundasaun Alola also trained support group members to provide counseling for the women who received maternity packs in both Dili and Baucau hospitals to ensure that they were given appropriate information.

A Maternity Pack, provides a woman who gives birth in either Dili or referral hospital with 2 cotton sarongs, 6 pairs of underpants, washable sanitary napkins, 1 baby outfit, a towel, 6 cotton nappies and baby soap, plus literature promoting good health for women and their communities in Timor-Leste. The maternity packs help encourage the women to give birth in hospital where they and their babies have the best chance of surviving childbirth and they can receive the care and advice they need for a healthier start in life.

During the period of 2013 – 2018, Alola Foundation through its maternal and child health program has distributed more than 5000 packages.

  • 2013 :    870 Maternity Packs were distributed. 
  • 2014 :  1133 Maternity Packs were distributed
  • 2015 :    724 Maternity Packs were distributed
  • 2016 :  1365 Maternity Packs were distributed
  • 2017 :    290 Maternity Packs were distributed
  • 2018 :    650 Maternity Packs were distributed
"We formally launched the project on March 2006 at Dili National Hospital. The first woman to receive the maternity pack was Filomena da Costa,and she proudly showed me her newborn baby girl, yet to be named".
Kirsty Sword Gusmao
Founder of Alola Foundation