To strengthening community involvement in the initiative of improving maternal and child health, four Mother support group-MSG or Village Loves its Mother and babies –SHIO had been expanded in Liquica (2) and Aileu (2). Beforehand, Participatory Problem Analysis is conducted and increased member understanding on   Infant and Young Child Feeding, Basic Safe Motherhood for members, and sexual reproductive health for adolescents are increased through the training. It has been participated by SHIO or MSG member nearly 100 people.

During the year, there were 53 MSG or SHIO member had graduated and Alola continue work to strengthening 57 MSG/SHIO groups trough training and mentoring on safe motherhood and Infant and Young Child Feeding in 57 sucos (villages) out in 7 municipalities. The result of activities  undertook in the community  has informed the community member and its MSG or SHIO member  around 10,893 people on exclusive breastfeeding, complementary feeding of children age 0-2 year, family planning,  sexual reproductive health and safe birthing practices . Furthermore, the MSG or SHIO member had provided counseling to the total of 2,346 pregnant women and 3,980 breastfeeding mothers. In addition, 42 pregnant women in remote areas to give birth at health facilities, and 79 malnourished children and 3 malnourished mothers had referred to health facilities.

Moreover, World Breastfeeding Week with theme Breastfeeding: Foundation of Life had celebrated in 14 villages in 2 municipalities attended by 586 mothers and caregivers.